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Horst is launching a New Theremin >>>   
Midi Theremin for sale now

The Pocket Theremin Plus (PTP1):

Having made Theremins since 1998 , this is our latest take on an old theme. We offer this new Theremin with an additional Internal Active Antenna and a plug-in Telescopic Antenna. This means, the Theremin can now also be played without external antenna, using horizontal or vertical hand movements.
Advanced fine tuning of our Analog Theremin Circuit has resulted in exceptional tonal quality and superior playing range. Using the external Antenna, the playing range can be adjusted to over 1 meter. To our amazement, the lowest frequency, when set up this way, is as low as 1 Hertz. Yes, that's right, down to a toc ... toc ... Very nice when used with a resonant filter. Playing tunes in the lower registers is now possible with a great degree of accuracy.

On the upper end, we exceed the 10 KHz range to cover nearly the full range of the audible spectrum. Very high indeed. How many Octaves is that ? ... that would be over 12 Octaves (!) Naturally, the lowest registers are not 'musical' in a traditional way ... Dohh ... but are very useful for sound effects i.e. triggering filter resonance as mentioned before.

The tone of this Theremin is nice and airy and not muffled or harsh like the cheap variety. In the lower ranges it purrs like a cat, in the mid ranges it sounds like a violin or a female voice and in the upper ranges it just seems to keep going and going. A pleasure to play and to listen to.

Picture of the wave-form of the Theremin at around 600 Hz:

Waveform at 600 Hz

There is of course a little secrete we have not revealed as of yet: we are able to actually fine-tune the tone of the Theremin before shipping. As you may know, the Horst-Theremin (PTP1) has two high-frequency Sine Wave Oscillators inside and the difference of the two oscillator frequencies determines the actual Theremin pitch you hear.

The tone of the Theremin (especially in the lower registers) is strongly influenced by a strange interaction between the two oscillators called 'coupling'. Coupling kind of 'tears' at the audio wave - it distorts it in a certain way. The more coupling, the more wave-distortion occurs and the more 'aggressive' the Theremin sounds in the lowest registers (We usually aim for low or light coupling).

On the other hand, there always has to be a certain amount of coupling to allow the Theremin to lock into silence (when the player step's back from the Theremin).

We have designed a neat way of controlling the coupling of the two oscillators, to always get the tone we want. In order for you to appreciate what we are talking about, we have recorded a number of sweeps using various coupling settings and we recommend downloading the wave files before listening:

(Please use good quality speakers or headphones to listen to the recordings)

sweep - almost no coupling (nice but impractical)
sweep - low coupling (recommended)
sweep - light coupling (recommended)
sweep - medium coupling (agressive)

scratch and melody

When it comes to playability, in particular linearity, we are top of the range:

If you set up the Theremin for approx. 40 cm playing range (traditional Theremin setup), the Theremin responds linear between A110 (A2) and A1760 (A6) (over 4 octaves) and is playable (traditional style) from A55 (A1) to A3520 (A7) - with A7040 (A8) beeing more difficult to control, but still playable. This encompasses 7 Octaves of playable range (playing melodies etc..)

Setting up the Theremin for approx. 70 ... 80 cm playing range (Bass Theremin setup), the Theremin responds linear between A55 (A1) and A440 (A4) but is playable (traditional style) from A22.5 (A0) to A7040 (A8). This encompasses 8 Octaves of traditional playable range.

Graph showing linearity of PTP1 (click on chart to enlarge) :

linearity of PTP1

This Theremin is not a Jiffy-Box-Theremin. It is made from quality components, using good design principles, to achieve a better sound than any of the unprofessionally made Theremins currently on the market . All our Theremins are beautiful on the outside and on the inside, designed by a degree qualified german engineer. The case is made from durable lightweight ABS plastic. Comes with a complimentary quality Alkaline Battery (Mercury and Cadmium free) giving you hundreds of hours of playing time.

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RRP $ 299

We regret that the Theremin currently seems less affordable to our american and european customers because of the unfavourable exchange-rates. We can only hope, this situation will correct itself in the future because it really takes its toll on the australian manufacturing and export industry.

Pocket Theremin

Knobby side
Pocket Theremin

Play without visible antenna
Pocket Theremin

Presentation side

The Theremin can also be ordered with a Boom-mountable base
(see picture below - boom stand not included).
Please contact us if you are interested.


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